When You Outsource Work to Different Offshore Companies / Freelancers:
  • Building & retaining an area team is dear thanks to man-hour cost, infrastructure cost, etc
  • Maintaining an outsized team comprising specialized experts in varied fields (Project Manager, Designer, Developer, Tester, etc.) isn't a simple thing to try to to
  • Recruiting full-time employee may be a challenge
  • High rate of attrition within the IT industry increases recruitment cost and time investment
  • Scaling up team becomes difficult for the sudden, short span workload
  • Less marketing opportunity as a serious chunk of your time is lost communicating with the client, transferring instructions to the team, doing QA, and other non-IT activities like HR, daily administration, etc
When You Outsource Work to Different Offshore Companies / Freelancers:
  • Cheaper but a big gamble with the work quality.
  • Recruiting local company is dear and leads to a low-profit margin
  • Finding skilled and transparent offshore company/freelancer may be a challenge
  • Hassle of negotiating in each project
  • Clearing all project account dues within scheduled time increases project execution pressure
  • Flexibility of labor is restricted, counting on the company's work methodology
  • Additional cost burden for any expansion /addition / change in scope
  • Problem in communication, no guarantee on English fluency & correct interpretation of the client's requirements
  • Difficulty in communicating in emergency situations
  • Knowledge remains outside own company

What is TechMinda Dedicated Hiring Community?

TechMinda Online Community may be a flexible offshore, dedicated hiring service offered by TechMinda. With our web outsourcing services, we provide hiring of remote designers, developers, designer cum developers, PHP/ASP.net programmers, web page Writers, and Data Entry / Admin Support Executives on a monthly basis. The assigned persons are like your remote full-time employees, and that they don't work for the other client. We are among a number of the favored outsourcing companies offering remote recruitment.

Our Online Cloud Community module is in sync with the newest offshore dedicated hiring trend within the outsourcing market. This module befits the necessity for independent Webmasters, Digital Marketing Agencies and Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SME), and for people aspiring for creating their own medium-to-large websites due to its cost-effectiveness.

Offshore hiring of dedicated web experts at TechMinda Singapore gets you a team of skilled professionals that works solely on your projects. Reduced cost and adaptability in remote services facilitate your organization to achieve optimum ROI.

Save some time and money by outsourcing your websites campaigns to our Cloud Community.


Why do you have to Hire Our Dedicated Team?

The hiring of remote team is now very easy with the outsourced dedicated service of TechMinda Cloud Community. For any quite web-related jobs like designing, development, programming, content, processing and admin job, you'll leave all of your worries on our shoulders because our offshore workers are highly talented, sincere and committed to the only client project. With our dedicated service, there's absolutely no got to maintain an enormous team at the office. Hence you'll hamper on management cost.

Would it be advisable for you to travel For Off shore
Dedicated Hiring for Web Specialists?

Where does TechMinda Cloud Community connect with you? If you're within the hunt of owning a team of offshore dedicated web specialists at affordable cost, you've got reasons to settle on us. Whether you run an SME, a digital marketing agency or have your online business, we are the professional remote web solution provider. you'll calculate us as our dedicated outsourcing professionals within the sphere of web designing and development, programming, content writing, back-office tasks and administrative needs, provide you with proficient services.

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